Under The Fridge-The Number One Tribute to The Red Hot Chili Peppers

28th Sep 2019

Under The Fridge-The Number One Tribute to The Red Hot Chili Peppers.

Saturday 28th September 2019 .

Live at The Loose Cannon, 701-707 Oldham Road, Manchester, M35 9AT.

Lounge Doors open 6pm (Free entry) Loose Cannon Live Doors 8pm (Ticketed) .

Under The Fridge:A Tribute to RHCP

What Lurks Under The Fridge? Thousands of miles away in the less glamourous setting of Shropshire, England, some funk glands were being tickled by the Chili’s mighty sound. Sensing the need to spread their timeless music, four disciples of The Funky Monks decided to become the freshest and baddest tribute band on the block in form of Under The Fridge. The group is based mainly on the classic line up of Anthony Kiedis, Flea, John Frusciante and Chad Smith.The funky musical cake consists of the tight rhythm section of Ryan Mortier and Leyton Burgess. Ryan’s take on the funky-assed Flea bass is beautifully executed, showing off his varied skills from mellow melodic lines to complex jazz via manic slap bass. No easy feat considering Flea is one of the best bassists of his generation.
Leyton keeps a rock steady beat on his kit of skins with his style very much influenced by Chad Smith’s no-nonsense funk-rock attitude. No easy feat considering Chad is one of the best drummers of his generation.The icing on this already tasty funky cake is Jim (Dr Hot Shit Jive) Streets. Jim is an accomplished axe hero who relishes the challenge of capturing the spirit of John Frusciante, ranging from his trademark choppy funk licks to uninhibited Hendrix inspired solos. No easy feat considering John is one of the best guitarists of his generation.Last but not least, the cherry on the top of the icing on the tasty funky cake is singer (and self proclaimed Motherfucker) Ben Burdall, who has the energy , showmanship and vocal talent of Antoine The Swan, making him a captivating frontman. No easy feat considering - Oh well you get the picture….

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